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Back Tag (Baking Day):

The ‘Back Tag’, or baking day, is a tradition that’s kept alive in some of the little villages in South Germany, especially ‘im Ländle’, my region of origin.

On a certain day of the month, the women of the village would gather, ignite the old wood fire oven in the old baking house – usually located in                                          the center of the village – and then bake breads which anyone can purchase afterwards. Before the oven is hot enough, they would bake savory cakes for                          their lunch and sell those ones as well.

As we also want to propose our cakes to anyone who just wants one for a weekend, we will also hold a ‘Back Tag’ once a month. We will announce                                      the date via our newsletter and on our website with a small list of selected cakes, fitting to the season.

One can then pre-order a cake which can then be collected on the Back Tag day at a certain location, or we can deliver the cakes for an additional fee within                      the Manhattan area.

If you are based outside Manhattan, in one of the boroughs, please inquire first if we can deliver, and for the extra charge for delivery. 

For our 'Back Tag' we offer different cake sizes:   6",  7", 8", 9" and 11" (depending on cake). 

back tag #10

September, 10th

Choose between the following selection of savory and sweet cakes for delivery on Saturday, September 10th between 4pm -7pm


for PICK-UP on Sunday, September 11th at the Grand Bazaar Market on 100 W 77th Street, corner Columbus Ave (close to the Museum of Natural History). 

Select at check-out 'Delivery' or 'Pick Up' 


Try our signature Kartoffelkucha (Potato Cake) with Alpine cheese,  Sauerkraut Cake with or without Bratwurst and/or our traditional 'Zwiebelkucha' Onion Cake with or without Tyrolian Speck.

Our savory cakes are perfect with side salad and/or a glass of wine or beer. 


Enjoy our family's traditional Zwetschgenkucha (Plum Cake) or the traditional South German Zwetschgenkucha (Plum Cake) with Schmand or our Swabian Cheese Cake made with refreshing Quark and in Rum soaked Raisins. 


Please place your order in our Shop Section by end of day Thursday, September 8thfor delivery on Saturday, September 10th btw 4pm - 7pm OR Pick-UP on Sunday, September 11th at our Grand Bazaar Market Stand at 100 W 77th Street, corner Columbus Ave (close to the Museum of Natural History). 

All cakes are baked fresh to order.