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Sweet & Salzig


Baking traditional German handmade sweet and savory cakes - with crossovers to Austria, Switzerland and Alsace. Each artisanal cake is handmade and made to order, using high quality organic, natural ingredients and a few imported specialty ingredients from Europe.

Cakes are available on “Back Tage” (Baking Days), which you can be notified of by signing up for our newsletter (see bottom of page) or by checking out the Back Tag tab. Handmade cookies can be purchased and shipped throughout the US via the Shop tab. For catering and wholesale inquiries please contact info@sweetandsalzig.com.


POP UP MARKET at the grub street food festival

by Hester Street Fair

Saturday, October 1st from 11 am - 5 pm.

Join us as at our Market Stand at the Grub Street Food Festival.

There will be a beer garden and live music. 

We will be selling our signature savory cakes per slice - Sauerkraut Cake with Bratwurst, Onion Cake with Tyrolian Speck and Potato Cake with Alpine cheese as well a selection of sweet cakes such as Plum Cake,  Swabian Cheesecake made with Quark and Apfelkucha (Apple Cake).  Of course our Cinnamon Cookies (Gluten Free) and our Austrian Crescents made with Almonds and Marzipan can be purchased there as well. 



For Saturday, October 1st. 

Pick Up on Saturday, October 1st at our Market Stand at the Grub Street Festival:  


Plums and Apples are in season! 

Fall is gently knocking at our doors and Zwetschgen - known here as European Plums - are a sweet reminder of summer whilst offering a bundled 'health package' (with its variety of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers) to prepare for the fall season. Apples with their crisp flesh are another 'health treat' and what better to do than a delicious German Apple Cake. As it says:  'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away'.

Enjoy the following sweet and savory cakes for dinner, brunch or afternoon coffee/tea: 


Try our signature Sauerkraut Cake with Bratwurst, our traditional 'Zwiebelkucha' Onion Cake with Tyrolian Speck or our 'Kartoffelkucha' Potato Cake with Alpine Cheese. 

Sizes: 8" & 9"


Plums are in season - try our South German Plum cake made with European plums (from upstate NY) with a  hint of Cinnamon and Almonds. We also offer our traditional Swabian Käsekucha (Swabian Cheesecake) made with Quark and with raisins soaked in Rum. And, of course, German Apfelkucha (Apple Cake). 

Sizes: 6" & 8"

Please place your order in our Shop Section or via email by end of day Wednesday September 28th for Pick Up on Saturday, October 1st. 

Want to order another cake? Please contact us via email: 


Pick Up Locations: Sweet&Salzig Market Stand at the Grub Festival corner Essex and Hester Streets in the Lower East Side (from 11 am - 5pm).

All cakes are baked fresh to order.






All cookies are available for postage within the US.